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When Hotmail sign in began, it was considered a revolution. It was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and was one of the first free web-based e-mail services started in the 1990s. This webmail service symbolizes the freedom of the ISP paid mail service that people had to choose. This e-mail service was one of the first services that Internet users created accounts for free and made them accessible from anywhere. Hotmail boasted over 8 million subscribers even though its formation period was short.

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After that, Hotmail received several changes. It was sold to MSN in 1997 and is now one of the MSN platform’s e-mail services. After that, we moved to Windows platform and became part of MSN service. As a result, it immediately provided functions such as MSN Messenger and MSN Space Forum. Currently, Windows Live is an initiative that integrates all of Microsoft ‘s existing Web – based services on one platform. As a result, Hotmail users will be redirected to the Live domain each time they access their Hotmail account.

Chapter 1. Hotmail Login Procedure

Those who are confused about how to login hotmail to an existing account can do the following steps:

  • In order to access MSN Hotmail account you need to access or
  • Even if the layout of the web page changes, you can easily find the login window.
  • The sign-in section is on the right side and you need to enter login details.
  • If the user is a new user, you will be given a Windows Live ID and password (which will act as a common Live ID) and Hotmail account login credentials.
  • If you are new to Hotmail, you can start by registering for MSN account. You will be provided with a single sign-in certificate for accessing Hotmail or Live mail service.
  • Today, people signing up for Hotmail are provided with an Outlook account, a new web-based email service launched by Microsoft.
  • For existing users of Hotmail, the page layout of the inbox and other folders may change. Such changes need not be suppressed by anyone so that someone’s e-mail is not compromised.
  • More options for organizing emails of different folders and categories for each new layout.

Today, Hotmail users have many options. With the new Outlook platform provided by Microsoft, existing Hotmail Login users can also get Outlook addresses and integrate Hotmail accounts. You can also use existing Hotmail accounts to take advantage of the additional benefits and features of Microsoft’s new Web-based e-mail service. In any case, the Hotmail login process remains the same as the security measures and more features added on the new integrated platform.

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