How to Backup and Restore Your Hotmail Login Data

These steps are for Hotmail Login 2007 and 2010. All of us do not back up mail account information (password, server and so out ). Let’s give attention to stopping up and restoring data that is difficult to reconstruct, such as inbox, work schedule, contacts etc.

(Open directory containing your Hotmail Login data)

Stopping up Hotmail is a simple matter of duplicating Hotmail folders to a secure place. The most difficult part is to get to the file. Still it is not particularly difficult.

If you are using Hotmail Login for past 10 years ago, click Tools and choose Account settings. For version 2010, click on the File tabs, select the Info option in the left lite, and then select Hotmail account Settings, then Account Settings again.

In both versions, the Hotmail login Account Settings dialog field appears and you need to click on the Data Documents tab. Select the Perspective data file and click on the Open Folder button (version 2007) or perhaps the Open data file location button (2010).

The folder which contains the View data opens in windows Explorer. Come back to Outlook, close the Hotmail Account Settings besprechung box, and then close Outlook.

In Windows Manager, copy the contents of this folder to a safe place such as an external hard drive.

that’s it. Outlook will be backed up. Today, let’s proceed that day when we need to restore that data.

(Complete the process to bring back Hotmail login data)

After putting in Office, open Outlook and run the setup sorcerer.

After you run View, start the Import and Export Wizard. To achieve this in Outlook 2007, select File> Import and Move. In Outlook 2010, click on the File tab, find the Start option on the departed, then select the Importance option.

If the sorcerer starts, select [Import from another program or file] and click [Next].

Find the personal folder file (. pst) as the file type.

Next, click Next and click on the Browse button to locate the backed up Outlook folder. Select the appropriate file (probably Perspective, or Outlook. pst if Windows is configured to display the file extension).

To run the recovery of the wizard, go with Personal Folders, find the Incorporate subfolders check box, and click Finish.

Therefore, all old data is refurbished to MS Hotmail Login Account.

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